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At the heart of Longmont, Limelight Services stands as a beacon of local tradition and expertise, boasting over a century of familiarity with the area. Our team is finely attuned to the specific requirements of residential and commercial structures in Longmont.

We offer services that are specially curated for the unique mix of Longmont’s historical heritage and its modern developments. Our aim transcends mere service provision; we are committed to elevating the safety, comfort, and satisfaction of every Longmont inhabitant.

Our Specialized Solutions for Longmont

Plumbing Services Longmont:

Navigating Longmont’s plumbing landscape demands a blend of reverence for its historic architecture and proficiency in modern techniques. Our capable team of professional plumbers is prepared for all kinds of tasks, from basic maintenance to intricate fitting work. We shine in bringing older plumbing systems up to date with the latest efficiencies while respecting their original character.

From addressing minor leaks in age-old residences to fitting advanced plumbing in new constructions, our services are detailed, considerate, and tailored to the unique needs of Longmont residents.

Longmont Electric Services:

Longmont’s diverse range of building styles requires an equally varied array of electrical solutions. Our wide-ranging electrical services include modernizing aged wiring in classic properties and installing up-to-date lighting and smart home technologies in recent construction.

We focus on safety and energy efficiency, ensuring that all electrical work, regardless of scale, meets the highest quality standards and complies with Longmont’s specific regulations.

Heating and Cooling in Longmont, CO:

Given Longmont’s varied climate, dependable heating services are crucial to ensure homes remain warm and welcoming during cooler seasons. Our extensive heating services include the installation, HVAC repair, and upkeep of various heating systems. We are adept in both traditional furnace systems and contemporary heating technologies, ensuring each home receives the best possible care and the latest in efficiency advancements.

In Longmont’s warmer months, a consistent air conditioning system is key for comfort. We provide full air conditioning services, including the installation, repair, and maintenance of different AC models. Our focus is on providing energy-efficient air conditioning options, balancing indoor comfort with cost-effective utility usage.

Our team is experienced in handling a range of HVAC systems, guaranteeing their effective operation and extended lifespan.

Drains and Sewer Services:

In Longmont, maintaining well-functioning drain lines and sewers is vital for both household comfort and environmental preservation. We offer comprehensive services in this realm, including prompt drain repair work, regular maintenance of drainage and sewer systems, and extensive drain cleaning in Longmont.

Utilizing advanced technology for assessments and line repairs, we aim for minimal disturbance and maximum efficiency. Our deep understanding of Longmont’s specific infrastructure challenges ensures your home’s plumbing systems work efficiently and in an environmentally responsible manner.

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Family Business Serving Longmont

In Longmont, Limelight Services is more than just a service provider; we care about the community. Our goal is to build lasting relationships based on trust and superior service quality. Our team, consisting of local experts, is devoted to delivering services that meet the most rigorous industry standards.

Choosing Limelight Services means partnering with a team that deeply values and comprehends the Longmont community. For high-quality HVAC, plumbing, and electrical solutions in Longmont, rely on our seasoned Limelight Services team.

Customer reviews of Limelight Services

Limelight's prices are the best in northern CO and so is the work. The job was done professionally and quickly. We had no problems and are very happy with the quality of the work!


Homeowner in Northern Colorado
Customer reviews of Limelight Services

Since moving to Colorado 7 years ago this was without a doubt my best contractor experience. A clean and expert job quickly accomplished at a great price for the quality. Jason's number has firmly made it into my phone book, and will be my electrician of choice from now on!


Homeowner in Northern Colorado
Customer reviews of Limelight Services

Jason was by far my best experience within all my contractors. And, I was very impressed by the speed in which he did his job.

John Foster

Homeowner in Greeley, CO


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