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Limelight Services proudly serves the Severance community, backed by a rich history of over a century of local expertise and dedication. Our team has an in-depth understanding of the distinct needs of Severance’s residential and commercial environments.

We have crafted our services to perfectly align with the unique fusion of Severance’s historical roots and its modern growth. Our commitment goes beyond merely offering top-tier services; we are devoted to improving the safety, comfort, and overall satisfaction of the Severance community.

Our Expert Services in Severance

Plumbing Services:

Addressing Severance’s plumbing needs involves a careful consideration of its historic architecture blended with modern-day solutions. Our seasoned team is ready for challenges of all scales, from basic maintenance to complex installation projects. We specialize in bringing older plumbing systems up to contemporary standards while preserving their historical integrity.

From simple leak repairs in traditional homes to the installation of high-tech plumbing in new buildings, our services are detailed, respectful, and tailored to the unique requirements of Severance.

Electrical Contractor – Severance, CO:

The varied architectural styles in Severance call for a diverse set of electrical solutions. Our extensive electrical services range from updating older wiring systems in classic properties to installing advanced lighting and smart home technologies in newer residences.

We prioritize safety and efficiency, ensuring that every electrical assignment, no matter its size, meets the highest standards of quality and adheres to Severance’s specific safety codes and regulations.

Severance Heating Services:

Severance’s varying temperatures necessitate dependable heating services to ensure homes remain comfortably warm in colder seasons. Our comprehensive heating offerings include the installation, repair, and maintenance of various heating systems. Our expertise spans traditional furnace systems and modern heating technologies, assuring each home receives optimal care and the latest in efficiency advancements.

Air Conditioning Contractors – Severance:

In the warmer months of Severance, a reliable air conditioning system is key to comfort. We provide high-quality air conditioning services, including installation, repair, and maintenance of various AC units. Our focus on energy-efficient air conditioning systems ensures comfort while managing utility costs effectively. Our team is skilled in servicing various HVAC systems, ensuring efficient performance and longevity.

Severance Drains and Sewer Services:

Proper function of drains and sewers is essential for the well-being of Severance’s homes and the surrounding environment. Our services in this area include comprehensive cleaning, timely repair work, and regular maintenance of drainage and sewer systems.

Leveraging advanced technology for diagnosis and repairs, we strive for minimal disruption and maximum efficiency. Our understanding of Severance’s unique infrastructural challenges ensures your home’s plumbing system functions effectively and environmentally responsibly.

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At Limelight Services, we are more than just a home service provider in Severance; we are an integral part of the community. Our aim is to build enduring relationships grounded in trust and superior service quality. Comprising local experts, our team is dedicated to delivering services that meet the strictest industry standards.

Partnering with Limelight Services means choosing a team that deeply values and understands the Severance community. For top-quality HVAC, plumbing, and electrical services in Severance, count on our experienced team at Limelight Services.

Customer reviews of Limelight Services

Limelight's prices are the best in northern CO and so is the work. The job was done professionally and quickly. We had no problems and are very happy with the quality of the work!


Homeowner in Northern Colorado
Customer reviews of Limelight Services

Since moving to Colorado 7 years ago this was without a doubt my best contractor experience. A clean and expert job quickly accomplished at a great price for the quality. Jason's number has firmly made it into my phone book, and will be my electrician of choice from now on!


Homeowner in Northern Colorado
Customer reviews of Limelight Services

Jason was by far my best experience within all my contractors. And, I was very impressed by the speed in which he did his job.

John Foster

Homeowner in Greeley, CO


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