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With a reputation for providing exceptional home services in Windsor, Limelight Services is a testament to a legacy of over a hundred years of local insight and proficiency. Our team possesses an intimate understanding of the particular needs of both residential and commercial spaces in Windsor.

We provide services meticulously tailored to the distinct blend of Windsor’s historic buildings and its contemporary advancements. Our mission goes beyond offering exemplary services; we are dedicated to enhancing the safety, comfort, and overall well-being of the Windsor community.

Quality Solutions from Limelight Services

Professional Plumbing in Windsor:

Addressing the plumbing requirements of Windsor involves a careful balance between honoring historical structures and applying modern methodologies. Our service pros are highly skilled at a wide range of tasks, from basic upkeep to sophisticated installations.

Specializing in modernizing plumbing in older buildings and implementing state-of-the-art systems in new developments, our plumbing services are extensive, thoughtful, and customized to meet the specific needs of Windsor residents.

Windsor Electric Services:

The architectural diversity of Windsor demands a versatile range of electrical solutions. Our comprehensive electrical services span from refurbishing older electrical infrastructures in classic buildings to integrating modern lighting and smart home features in new properties.

Prioritizing safety and energy efficiency, we ensure that all electrical undertakings, whether minor adjustments or major renovations, align with the highest quality standards and comply with local Windsor regulations.

Reliable HVAC in Windsor

With Windsor’s diverse weather patterns, reliable heating services are essential to ensure comfortable homes during the cooler seasons. Our wide-ranging HVAC solutions include installations, repairs, and maintenance of various heating systems.

Skilled in both traditional and modern heating technologies, we ensure that each household receives top-level care and the latest in efficiency improvements.

Reliable air conditioning becomes crucial during Windsor’s warmer seasons, and we offer comprehensive HVAC services to meet this need. Including installation, repair, and maintenance of diverse AC units, we focus on energy-efficient air conditioning systems that provide comfort while being cost-effective.

Our team is versed in servicing different types of air conditioning systems, ensuring their efficient operation and extended service life.

Drains and Sewer Services:

Proper maintenance of drains and sewers in Windsor is key for household functionality and environmental care. Our services in this field include thorough drain cleaning, timely repairs, and regular upkeep of drainage and sewer systems.

Employing advanced technologies for diagnosis and repair, we aim for minimal intrusion and maximal efficiency. Our expertise in addressing Windsor’s unique infrastructural needs ensures your home’s plumbing system operates seamlessly and eco-consciously.

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Family Business Serving Windsor, CO

Limelight Services is more than a service provider in Windsor; we care about the community. Our objective is to create enduring connections based on trust and unparalleled service quality. Comprising local specialists, our team is dedicated to offering services that adhere to the strictest industry standards.

Opting for Limelight Services means choosing a partner who genuinely understands and cherishes the Windsor community. For top-tier HVAC, plumbing, and electrical services in Windsor, trust our experienced team at Limelight Services.

Customer reviews of Limelight Services

Limelight's prices are the best in northern CO and so is the work. The job was done professionally and quickly. We had no problems and are very happy with the quality of the work!


Homeowner in Northern Colorado
Customer reviews of Limelight Services

Since moving to Colorado 7 years ago this was without a doubt my best contractor experience. A clean and expert job quickly accomplished at a great price for the quality. Jason's number has firmly made it into my phone book, and will be my electrician of choice from now on!


Homeowner in Northern Colorado
Customer reviews of Limelight Services

Jason was by far my best experience within all my contractors. And, I was very impressed by the speed in which he did his job.

John Foster

Homeowner in Greeley, CO


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